Long-read RGASP

LRGASP logoThe Long-read RNA-seq Genome Annotation Assessment Project (LRGASP) Consortium is organizing a systematic evaluation of different methods for transcript computational identification and quantification using long-read sequencing technologies such as PacBio and Oxford Nanopore. We are interested in characterizing the strengths and potential remaining challenges in using these technologies to annotate and quantify the transcriptomes of both model and non-model organisms.

The consortium will generate cDNA and direct RNA datasets using different platforms and protocols in human, mouse, and manatee samples. Participants will be provided with the data to generate annotations of expressed genes and transcripts as well as measure their expression levels. Evaluators from different institutions will determine which pipelines have the highest accuracy for different aspects that include transcription detection, quantification and differential expression.

We are planning to release more information during Summer 2020 and start the official challenge in Fall 2020. Please join our mailing list to be informed about the status of the challenge.

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