GENCODE lncRNA Workshop

EMBO | EMBL The Non-Coding Genome Symposium

16th October 2019, 10am - 1pm

EMBO EMBL Symposia logoThe GENCODE project aims to provide comprehensive gene annotation for the human and mouse genomes, as part of the wider Ensembl project. We have already spent many years working on the identification and classification of lncRNA genes. Our initial goal in this workshop will be to explain the creation of our lncRNA catalogs, and to provide insights into their usability.

However, GENCODE remains a work in progress, and this is particularly true for our lncRNA annotation. For example, it is now clear that we have only described a small fraction of the total non-coding transcription that occurs in the cell, and so we must adapt in order to capture this full ‘transcriptional complexity’. Moreover, the community understanding of lncRNA biology has now advanced far beyond the classification system used in our current annotation pipeline. Such factors indicate that we need to change the way GENCODE approach lncRNA annotation, and we will present proposals for a new system of lncRNA classification.

We are very keen to involve the wider lncRNA community as we move forward on this, and we would like to use these proposals to guide discussions on series of outstanding questions on lncRNA annotation. For example, how should we define a lncRNA gene? Should GENCODE annotate all transcripts? How far should we go in providing insights into transcript functionality? Should our regulatory genome annotations be used to inform lncRNA classification?

In summary, we anticipate that this workshop will serve not only as a guide to GENCODE, but also provide a forum for a fruitful exchange of ideas on the future of lncRNA annotation.

The workshop will be held on 16th October from 10am-1pm (before the main meeting starts at 2pm)

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