COVID-19 Genes

This is the list of human protein-coding genes linked to SARS-CoV-2 infection and / or COVID-19 disease currently being targeted for re-annotation by GENCODE.

Gene Status
AAR2 updated
AASS updated
AATF updated
ABCC1 updated
ABHD17A updated
ABO pending
ACAD9 updated
ACADM updated
ACBD5 updated
ACD pending
ACE2 updated
ACO2 updated
ACP5 pending
ACSL3 updated
ACTB pending
ADA pending
ADA2 pending
ADAM17 pending
ADAM9 updated
ADAMTS1 updated
ADAR updated
AGPS updated
AGT updated
AGTR1 updated
AGTR2 updated
AICDA pending
AIM2 pending
AIRE pending
AK2 pending
AKAP8 updated
AKAP8L updated
AKAP9 updated
ALG11 updated
ALG5 updated
ALG8 updated
ALPI pending
ANO6 updated
ANPEP updated
ANTXR1 updated
ANTXR2 updated
ANXA2 updated
AP1S3 pending
AP2A2 updated
AP2M1 updated
AP3B1 updated
AP3D1 pending
APOL1 pending
ARF6 updated
ARHGEF1 pending
ARL6IP6 updated
ARPC1B pending
ATE1 updated
ATF4 updated
ATF5 updated
ATF6 updated
ATM pending
ATP13A3 updated
ATP1B1 updated
ATP5MG updated
ATP6AP1 updated
ATP6V1A pending
ATP6V1G1 updated
B2M pending
BACE1 updated
BACH2 pending
BAG5 updated
BAG6 updated
BCKDK pending
BCL10 pending
BCL11B pending
BCL2 updated
BCL2A1 updated
BCL2L1 updated
BCL2L2 updated
BCS1L pending
BLK pending
BLM pending
BLNK pending
BRCA1 pending
BRCA2 pending
BRD2 updated
BRD4 updated
BRIP1 pending
BSG updated
BST2 updated
BTF3 updated
BTK updated
BZW2 pending
C17orf62 pending
C1orf50 updated
C1QA pending
C1QB pending
C1QC pending
C1R pending
C1S pending
C2 pending
C3 pending
C4A pending
C4B pending
C5 pending
C6 pending
C7 pending
C8A pending
C8B pending
C8G pending
C9 pending
CALR updated
CAMLG updated
CANX updated
CARD11 pending
CARD14 pending
CARD9 pending
CARMIL2 pending
CASP1 pending
CASP10 pending
CASP3 pending
CASP8 pending
CAV1 updated
CCBE1 pending
CCDC86 pending
CCL2 pending
CCL5 pending
CCR2 pending
CD14 pending
CD19 pending
CD209 updated
CD244 pending
CD247 pending
CD27 pending
CD3D pending
CD3E pending
CD3G pending
CD40 pending
CD40LG pending
CD46 pending
CD55 pending
CD59 pending
CD70 pending
CD74 updated
CD79A pending
CD79B pending
CD81 pending
CD8A pending
CD9 updated
CDC42 pending
CDCA7 pending
CDK5RAP2 updated
CEACAM1 updated
CEBPE pending
CENPF pending
CEP112 pending
CEP135 pending
CEP250 pending
CEP350 pending
CEP43 pending
CEP68 pending
CFB pending
CFD pending
CFH pending
CFHR1 pending
CFHR2 pending
CFHR3 pending
CFHR4 pending
CFHR5 pending
CFI pending
CFP pending
CFTR pending
CGAS updated
CHD7 pending
CHEK2 updated
CHMP2A updated
CHMP2B updated
CHMP4B updated
CHPF updated
CHPF2 updated
CIB1 pending
CIITA pending
CISD3 updated
CIT updated
CLCC1 updated
CLCN7 pending
CLEC4G updated
CLEC4M updated
CLIP4 updated
CLPB pending
CNTRL updated
COL23A1 updated
COL6A1 pending
COLGALT1 updated
COMT updated
COPA pending
COPB2 updated
COQ8B updated
CORO1A pending
CR2 pending
CRTC3 pending
CSDE1 pending
CSF2RA pending
CSF2RB pending
CSF3R pending
CSNK2A2 updated
CSNK2B updated
CTC1 pending
CTLA4 pending
CTPS1 pending
CTSA updated
CTSB updated
CTSC updated
CTSD updated
CTSE updated
CTSF updated
CTSG updated
CTSH updated
CTSK updated
CTSL updated
CTSO updated
CTSS updated
CTSV updated
CTSW updated
CTSZ updated
CUL2 pending
CWC27 pending
CXCL8 pending
CXCR4 pending
CYB5B pending
CYB5R3 pending
CYBA pending
CYBB pending
DAG1 pending
DBR1 pending
DCAF7 pending
DCAKD pending
DCLRE1B pending
DCLRE1C pending
DCTN2 updated
DCTPP1 updated
DDAH2 updated
DDIT4 updated
DDX1 updated
DDX10 pending
DDX21 pending
DDX5 updated
DDX58 updated
DDX60 updated
DEF6 pending
DICER1 pending
DKC1 pending
DNAJB1 updated
DNAJB11 updated
DNAJC10 updated
DNAJC11 pending
DNAJC19 pending
DNAJC21 pending
DNASE1L3 pending
DNASE2 pending
DNMT1 updated
DNMT3B pending
DOCK2 pending
DOCK8 pending
DPH5 pending
DPP4 updated
DPY19L1 pending
ECSIT pending
EDEM3 pending
EEF1A1 updated
EFL1 pending
EGFR pending
EIF2AK2 updated
EIF3E updated
EIF3F updated
EIF3I updated
EIF4E2 pending
EIF4H updated
ELANE pending
ELOB pending
ELOC pending
EMC1 pending
EPG5 pending
ERBIN pending
ERC1 pending
ERCC4 pending
ERCC6L2 pending
ERGIC1 pending
ERLEC1 pending
ERMP1 pending
ERN1 updated
ERO1B updated
ERP44 updated
ETFA updated
EXOSC2 updated
EXOSC3 pending
EXOSC5 updated
EXOSC8 pending
EXTL3 pending
F12 pending
F2RL1 pending
FAAP24 pending
FADD pending
FAM162A pending
FAM8A1 pending
FAM98A pending
FANCA pending
FANCB pending
FANCC pending
FANCD2 pending
FANCE pending
FANCF pending
FANCG pending
FANCI pending
FANCL pending
FANCM pending
FAR2 pending
FAS pending
FASLG pending
FASTKD5 pending
FAT4 pending
FBLN5 pending
FBN1 pending
FBN2 pending
FBXL12 pending
FCGR2A pending
FCGR3A pending
FCHO1 pending
FCN3 pending
FERMT1 pending
FERMT3 pending
FGL2 updated
FKBP10 pending
FKBP15 pending
FKBP1A updated
FKBP7 pending
FOXN1 pending
FOXP3 pending
FOXRED2 pending
FPR1 pending
FPR2 pending
FURIN updated
FYCO1 pending
G3BP1 updated
G3BP2 updated
G6PC3 pending
G6PD pending
GATA1 pending
GATA2 pending
GBF1 updated
GBP1 updated
GBP2 updated
GCC1 pending
GCC2 pending
GDF15 pending
GFER pending
GFI1 pending
GGCX pending
GGH updated
GHITM pending
GIGYF2 updated
GINS1 pending
GLA updated
GNB1 pending
GNG5 pending
GOLGA2 pending
GOLGA3 pending
GOLGA7 pending
GOLGB1 pending
GORASP1 pending
GPAA1 pending
GPX1 pending
GRIPAP1 pending
GRPEL1 pending
GSK3A updated
GSK3B updated
GTF2F2 pending
HAVCR1 pending
HAVCR2 pending
HAX1 pending
HDAC2 pending
HDAC6 pending
HEATR3 pending
HECTD1 pending
HELLS pending
HGS updated
HLA-B pending
HLA-DRB1 pending
HMOX1 updated
HNRNPA1 updated
HNRNPA2B1 updated
HNRNPA3 updated
HOOK1 pending
HPS1 pending
HPS4 pending
HPS6 pending
HPSE updated
HS2ST1 pending
HS6ST2 pending
HSBP1 updated
HSP90B1 updated
HSPA5 updated
HSPA9 updated
HSPD1 updated
HTRA2 pending
HYOU1 updated
ICOS pending
ICOSLG pending
IDE updated
IFI44L updated
IFI6 updated
IFIH1 updated
IFIT1 updated
IFIT2 updated
IFIT3 updated
IFIT5 updated
IFITM1 updated
IFITM2 updated
IFITM3 updated
IFNA1 pending
IFNAR1 pending
IFNAR2 pending
IFNE pending
IFNG pending
IFNGR1 pending
IFNGR2 pending
IFTAP updated
IGF2R updated
IGHM pending
IGKC pending
IGLL1 pending
IKBKB updated
IKBKG pending
IKZF1 pending
IL10 pending
IL10RA pending
IL10RB pending
IL12B pending
IL12RB1 pending
IL12RB2 pending
IL17A pending
IL17F pending
IL17RA updated
IL17RC pending
IL18BP pending
IL1RN pending
IL21 pending
IL21R pending
IL23R pending
IL2RA pending
IL2RB pending
IL2RG pending
IL36RN pending
IL6 pending
IL6R pending
IL6ST pending
IL7R pending
IMPDH2 updated
INHBE updated
INO80 pending
INTS4 updated
IRAK1 pending
IRAK4 pending
IRF1 updated
IRF2 pending
IRF2BP2 pending
IRF3 pending
IRF4 pending
IRF5 pending
IRF7 pending
IRF8 pending
IRF9 pending
ISG15 updated
ISG20 updated
ITCH pending
ITGAL updated
ITGAV pending
ITGB1 updated
ITGB2 pending
ITGB3 pending
ITK pending
ITPKC pending
JADE2 updated
JAGN1 pending
JAK1 pending
JAK3 pending
JAKMIP1 pending
JUN updated
KDM6A pending
KIAA0319L pending
KIF11 updated
KLF2 pending
KMT2A pending
KMT2D pending
KNG1 updated
KPNA2 updated
KPNA4 updated
KPNB1 updated
LAMTOR2 pending
LARP1 pending
LARP4B pending
LARP7 pending
LAS1L updated
LAT pending
LCK pending
LDLRAD4 updated
LIG1 pending
LIG4 pending
LMAN2 pending
LOX updated
LPIN2 pending
LRBA pending
LYST pending
LZTFL1 updated
MACROH2A2 updated
MAD2L2 pending
MAGT1 pending
MALT1 pending
MAP3K14 updated
MAP7D1 pending
MARK1 updated
MARK2 updated
MARK3 updated
MASP2 pending
MAT2B updated
MCL1 updated
MCM4 pending
MDN1 pending
MEFV pending
MEP1A updated
MEP1B updated
MEPCE pending
MFGE8 pending
MIB1 updated
MIF4GD updated
MIPOL1 updated
MKL1 pending
MKRN2 updated
MKRN3 updated
MME updated
MMP1 updated
MMP14 updated
MMP17 updated
MMP25 updated
MOGS pending
MOV10 pending
MPHOSPH10 updated
MPO pending
MPP5 updated
MRPS2 updated
MRPS25 updated
MRPS27 updated
MRPS5 updated
MS4A1 pending
MS4A4A updated
MSH6 pending
MSN pending
MTARC1 pending
MTCH1 pending
MTHFD1 pending
MTHFD2 updated
MVK pending
MX1 updated
MX2 updated
MYCBP2 pending
MYD88 pending
MYO5B pending
MYSM1 pending
NACA updated
NAMPT updated
NARS2 pending
NAT14 pending
NBAS pending
NBN pending
NCF1 pending
NCF2 pending
NCF4 pending
NCL updated
NCSTN pending
NDFIP2 pending
NDUFA10 updated
NDUFA5 updated
NDUFAF1 updated
NDUFAF2 updated
NDUFB9 updated
NDUFS2 updated
NDUFS3 updated
NEK9 updated
NEU1 updated
NFAT5 pending
NFE2L2 pending
NFKB1 pending
NFKB2 pending
NFKBIA pending
NGDN pending
NGF updated
NGLY1 pending
NHEJ1 pending
NHP2 pending
NIN pending
NINL pending
NLRC4 pending
NLRP1 pending
NLRP12 pending
NLRP3 pending
NLRX1 pending
NMT1 updated
NOD2 pending
NOL10 pending
NOMO3 updated
NONO updated
NOP10 pending
NOS2 pending
NOTCH1 updated
NPC2 pending
NPEPPS updated
NPM1 updated
NPTX1 pending
NSD2 updated
NSMCE3 pending
NUDCD1 updated
NUP210 pending
NUP214 pending
NUP54 pending
NUP58 pending
NUP62 pending
NUP88 pending
NUP98 pending
NUTF2 pending
OAS1 updated
OAS2 updated
OAS3 updated
OASL updated
ORAI1 pending
OS9 pending
OSTM1 pending
OTULIN pending
P2RY6 updated
P4HB pending
PABPC1 updated
PABPC4 updated
PALB2 pending
PARN pending
PARP1 updated
PAX1 pending
PCNT pending
PCSK6 updated
PDE4DIP pending
PDIA3 pending
PDZD11 pending
PEPD pending
PFDN5 updated
PGM3 pending
PHB updated
PHB2 updated
PIGO pending
PIGS pending
PIK3CD pending
PIK3CG pending
PIK3R1 pending
PITRM1 updated
PKP2 pending
PLAT updated
PLCG2 pending
PLD3 pending
PLEKHA5 pending
PLEKHF2 pending
PLEKHM1 pending
PLOD2 pending
PML updated
PMPCA pending
PMPCB pending
PMS2 pending
PNP pending
POFUT1 pending
POGLUT2 pending
POGLUT3 pending
POLA1 updated
POLA2 pending
POLD1 pending
POLD2 pending
POLE pending
POLE2 pending
POLR3A pending
POLR3C pending
POLR3F pending
POMP pending
POR pending
PPIA updated
PPIB updated
PPIG updated
PPIH updated
PPIL2 updated
PPIL3 pending
PPP1CA updated
PPT1 pending
PRCP updated
PRF1 pending
PRIM1 pending
PRIM2 pending
PRKACA updated
PRKAR2A pending
PRKAR2B pending
PRKCD pending
PRKDC pending
PRKRA updated
PRRC2B pending
PSEN1 pending
PSEN2 updated
PSENEN pending
PSMA2 updated
PSMB8 pending
PSMC2 updated
PSMD1 updated
PSMD8 pending
PSMG2 pending
PSTPIP1 pending
PTBP1 updated
PTBP2 pending
PTEN pending
PTGES2 updated
PTPRC pending
PUSL1 pending
PVR pending
QPCTL updated
QSOX2 pending
RAB10 pending
RAB14 pending
RAB18 pending
RAB1A pending
RAB27A pending
RAB2A pending
RAB5C pending
RAB7A pending
RAB8A pending
RAC2 pending
RAD51 pending
RAD51C pending
RAE1 pending
RAG1 pending
RAG2 pending
RALA pending
RANBP2 pending
RAP1GDS1 pending
RASGRP1 pending
RBCK1 pending
RBM28 pending
RBM41 pending
RBX1 pending
RCAN3 updated
RDX pending
RECQL4 pending
REEP5 pending
REEP6 pending
REL pending
RELA pending
RELB pending
REN pending
RETREG3 pending
RFWD3 pending
RFX5 pending
RFXANK pending
RFXAP pending
RHOA updated
RHOH pending
RIPK1 updated
RMRP pending
RNASEH2A pending
RNASEH2B pending
RNASEH2C pending
RNASEL pending
RNF168 pending
RNF31 pending
RNF41 pending
RNU4ATAC pending
RORC pending
RPL13A updated
RPL19 updated
RPL36 pending
RPS20 updated
RPSA pending
RRM2 updated
RRP9 pending
RSAD2 updated
RSL24D1 updated
RTEL1 pending
RTN4 pending
RTP4 updated
RYBP updated
SAAL1 pending
SAMD9 pending
SAMD9L pending
SAMHD1 pending
SBDS pending
SBNO1 pending
SCAP pending
SCARB1 updated
SCCPDH pending
SCFD1 updated
SDF2 pending
SEC61A1 pending
SELENOS pending
SEMA3E pending
SEPSECS pending
SERPING1 updated
SFTPD updated
SGPL1 pending
SGTA updated
SH2D1A pending
SH3KBP1 pending
SIGMAR1 updated
SIL1 pending
SIRT5 updated
SKIV2L pending
SKP2 updated
SLC15A3 updated
SLC16A1 updated
SLC16A3 updated
SLC16A8 updated
SLC1A3 updated
SLC25A21 pending
SLC25A28 pending
SLC27A2 pending
SLC29A3 pending
SLC30A6 pending
SLC30A7 pending
SLC30A9 pending
SLC35C1 pending
SLC37A4 pending
SLC39A7 pending
SLC3A2 pending
SLC44A2 pending
SLC46A1 pending
SLC6A15 updated
SLC7A7 pending
SLC9A3R1 pending
SLU7 pending
SLX4 pending
SMAD3 updated
SMARCAL1 pending
SMARCD2 pending
SMOC1 pending
SNAP47 updated
SNIP1 pending
SNORA31 pending
SNX10 pending
SNX9 updated
SP110 pending
SPART pending
SPECC1 updated
SPINK5 pending
SPPL2A pending
SRP19 pending
SRP54 updated
SRP72 pending
SSBP3 updated
ST3GAL4 updated
ST6GAL1 updated
STAT1 pending
STAT2 pending
STAT3 updated
STAT5A updated
STAT5B pending
STC2 pending
STIM1 pending
STK4 pending
STN1 pending
STOM pending
STOML2 pending
STX11 pending
STX5 updated
STXBP2 pending
SUN2 pending
SYNCRIP updated
TAP1 pending
TAP2 pending
TAPBP pending
TAPT1 pending
TARS2 pending
TAZ pending
TBCA pending
TBK1 updated
TBKBP1 pending
TBX1 pending
TCF12 pending
TCF3 pending
TCIRG1 pending
TCN2 pending
TERC pending
TERF1 updated
TERT pending
TFEB updated
TFRC pending
TGFB1 updated
TGFBR1 pending
TGFBR2 pending
THBD pending
THTPA pending
TICAM1 pending
TIMM10 pending
TIMM10B pending
TIMM29 pending
TIMM8B pending
TIMM9 pending
TINF2 pending
TIRAP pending
TK2 updated
TLE1 pending
TLE3 pending
TLE5 pending
TLR3 pending
TLR4 pending
TLR7 pending
TM2D3 pending
TMC6 pending
TMC8 pending
TMED5 pending
TMEM173 pending
TMEM39B pending
TMEM97 pending
TMPRSS2 updated
TNF pending
TNFAIP3 pending
TNFRSF11A pending
TNFRSF13B pending
TNFRSF13C pending
TNFRSF1A pending
TNFRSF4 pending
TNFRSF9 pending
TNFSF11 pending
TNFSF12 pending
TOMM70 pending
TOP2B pending
TOR1A pending
TOR1AIP1 pending
TP53 pending
TPP2 pending
TPSAB1 updated
TRAC pending
TRAF3 pending
TRAF3IP2 pending
TREX1 pending
TRIM22 pending
TRIM25 pending
TRIM5 pending
TRIM59 pending
TRMT1 pending
TRNT1 pending
TTC37 pending
TTC7A pending
TUBGCP2 pending
TUBGCP3 pending
TWF2 updated
TYK2 pending
TYSND1 pending
UBAP2 pending
UBAP2L pending
UBE2I updated
UBE2T pending
UBXN8 pending
UGGT2 pending
UNC13D pending
UNC93B1 pending
UNG pending
UPF1 pending
USB1 pending
USP13 updated
USP18 pending
USP54 pending
VCP pending
VKORC1 updated
VPS11 pending
VPS13B pending
VPS39 pending
VPS45 pending
WAS pending
WASHC4 pending
WDR1 pending
WFS1 pending
WIPF1 pending
WRAP53 pending
XIAP pending
XPNPEP2 updated
XPO1 updated
XRCC2 pending
YIF1A pending
YKT6 updated
ZAP70 pending
ZBTB24 pending
ZC3H18 pending
ZC3H7A pending
ZC3HAV1 updated
ZCRB1 updated
ZDHHC5 pending
ZNF318 pending
ZNF341 pending
ZNF503 pending
ZYG11B pending