GENCODE Workshop Resources

Workshops are available to learn about the ENCODE Project (ENCyclopedia of DNA Elements).

The workshops are taught by experienced instructors from Ensembl, UCSC and the Wellcome Sanger Institute, to give a "hands-on" tutorial on how to access the ENCODE data in genome browsers. Instructors involved in producing the GENCODE annotation dataset would also be on hand to explain how this is derived and how to interpret SNP consequences in the context of gene annotation. We will examine aspects of the ENCODE project and data types, and explore ways for you to access and learn about the ENCODE data available under the UCSC and Ensembl Genome Browser.

Singapore Workshop, April 2013

Singapore Workshop, April 2013

Material from our previous workshops is available here:

Feedback form for Encode workshop Geneva

ENCODE tutorials from NHGRI

If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please contact us here: Open Door Workshop.

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