How to access the data

All the GENCODE project data is open access and can be accessed by any of the following methods. If you need help, please contact us.

  1. The GENCODE release files can be found in this website or directly in our human and mouse FTP sites.

  2. Screenshot of Ensembl browser showing GENCODE annotation

    Ensembl browser showing GENCODE annotation


    The current version of GENCODE is the default geneset in the Ensembl Genome Browser for human and mouse.

    The Ensembl data can also be accessed using the options listed below:

  3. The UCSC Genome Browser hosts selected GENCODE releases. GENCODE track data can also be downloaded from the Table Browser.

    The links below can be used to add GENCODE-related track hubs in the UCSC Genome Browser:

  4. Annotation differences between GENCODE releases can be compared in the human and mouse Biodalliance genome browser embedded in our website.

  5. AnnoTrack, our GENCODE data tracking system, grants live access to the manual annotation and current issues that we are working on.

  6. We have created a custom long non-coding RNA expression array design with probes targeting the Gencode v15 human lncRNA annotation. You can find more information here.

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